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    For more than six years, our highly-experienced team based out of the greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida area has served as the command center of our pioneering efforts in the legal financing industry.   Justice Funds specializes in providing non-recourse lawsuit funding to plaintiffs involved in litigation due to pharmaceutical and defective product injuries, and many other mass tort cases. In addition, we also provide attorney funding to assist law firms with marketing efforts or to simply maintain a successful practice.

    We believe in working closely with both plaintiffs and attorneys to ensure that those in need receive the necessary financial means to meet their immediate needs. The team at Justice Funds is well equipped to assist plaintiffs and attorneys in quickly receiving the cash they need and includes attorneys, legal analysts, and administrative support specialists. Together, we are focused on providing the fastest and most professional settlement funding experience possible in today’s market.

    You need a company that has the appropriate experience to understand your individual needs and Justice Funds is the trusted source of many. With over six years of experience with lawsuit funding, we have handled a number of different cases. We understand that events such as these can significantly impact your life in a number of negative ways and we are dedicated to helping you obtain funds for attorney fees, medical bills, and other expenses that you might incur as a result of your case.

    We work closely with you and your attorney to get you the maximum amount of money allowed based on the value of your case.  Justice Funds is your direct connection between you and the money you need, with no middleman.  The absence of a middleman allows us to provide you with maximum assistance for minimal fees.


    Justice Funds also assists attorneys with obtaining the funding they need in order to win their clients' cases in a faster and more effective manner. Because of our experience, we understand which cases require more serious funding and which circumstances determine a more positive outcome for the client. By creating a less restrictive cash flow position for your law firm, you can argue your client's case to a higher degree because you will have more resources at your disposal.

    We are experts in helping law firms obtain attorney funding so that they can better help their clients win cases and get them the settlements that they deserve. Because of our experience and deep understanding of mass torts, class action, and multi-jurisdictional case law, as well as other types of litigation, we can assist both you and your clients in getting the funds that you need in order to win the case and earn your fee, with less pressure on you to maintain positive cash flow on each case.

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